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Welcome to IDOM

IDOM, formerly AEC Engineering, is an employee-owned international engineering, architectural, and consulting firm with more than 37 offices globally, and based in Bilbao, Spain. IDOM continues to provide multi-discipline professional engineering and consulting services to industry, energy, research, and other sectors. IDOM has served and satisfied clients throughout the United States and Canada for over 30 years.

Today, IDOM is proud to continue the quality service for our long-term domestic clients, but we are also pleased to provide support to many of our European clients who have begun international expansions into North America. Our integrated teams offer services in many languages and have a wealth of experience working with multiple nationalities at the same facility or on the same jobsite. IDOM's engineers have been members of the global design teams for a combined cycle power plant in Mexico, a solar power tower in Nevada, a telescope enclosure in Hawaii, a polyethylene manufacturing plant in Brazil, as well as several other challenging projects.

Our guiding principal: The Client is, and always will be, our raison d'etre (reason for existing) is evidenced by serving our clients to the best of our ability, as well as carefully protecting and maintaining our professional independence. This important trait of transparency has and will continue to enable improved service for our clients.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about our people and projects. To fully understand what differentiates us from other firms, please call and let us show you how we can provide the solution to one of your challenges.

Minneapolis, MN
(effective Nov 1, 2015)
330 South 2nd Avenue
Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: 612 332 8905

Calgary, AB  
148 Coach Grove Place S.W.
Calgary, AB T3H 1J2
Tel: 403-265-9664

International Offices
North America
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